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About Us
PRAGNYA is a company that is committed to uncap the vast knowledge found in the rich manuscripts, heritage and culture of our country by conducting extensive research to develop products that are simple to understand, enabling everyone to adopt this profound knowledge to enhance their lives.

These products effectively address the need of the day - inner peace and calm.
  My sister listens to ‘Lalitha’ shlokas a lot. She is a great devotee of the goddess. The shlokas have inspired her in life. Thank you very much Amruthavarsha.
- Arvind Pani, Bangalore.

Some lessons of life come with a sweet coating. This book is one such example. Presented in a very pleasant fashion, the book brings you some very discerning messages. The reader will instantly take t
- Anand, Bangalore.

My mother happens to be a great devotee of 'Devi'. It was a superb feeling when I gifted my mother the book on Devi. She was overwhelmed by it! Thank You Pragnya for such a wonderful product.
- Vishnu Ram, Bangalore.

The mantras of Venkateshwara have especially affected me, it moves me. I find it incredibly soothing and powerful. All credit to Pragnya for this wonderful product.
- Arvind Pani, Bangalore.

How the whole idea of using the age-old texts to be put to tune came to the creators of the product I dont know, but I am sure where it came from - it came from the Lord himself. That this great India
- Anand, Bangalore.

I have never been specifically inclined to spiritual science. However, when I first heard the shlokas of Ganapathi, I had a new feeling, a new experience. In spite of my earlier stand on this kind of
- Balaji S, Bangalore.

I found the book of quotes very amusing. Although it could have been another drab collection of quotations on life and philosophy, it actually has a vivacious energy that rubs off onto you.
- Arvind Pani, Bangalore.

Listening to Great people talk is a singular experience. The quotes from some of the best minds in the world really make you sit up and think. They are thought-provoking and rousing.
- V Narayan, Bangalore.

Having been born and brought up abroad, I have always had the urge to know my motherland more and acquaint myself with the mysterious powers. My encounter with 'Devi' has been extremely fulfilling. T
- Jagadeesh B, Bangalore.

I like the meanings provided in the books. They open up a new dimension in your understanding. It guides me in understanding the shloka which no one really does.
- NK Venkataramana, Bangalore.

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